Romeo and Juliet questions

Complete these questions for homework and submit them first class back Term 3.
Pre-reading tasks:
1.Before reading a word of Shakespeare, it is important you know a bit about him. Why, after more than 500 years, is he still so popular today? Write two paragraphs that summarise why Shakespeare is so relevant today.
2."Elizabethan England" refers to the time and place in which Shakespeare's works were written. Again, read and summarise in no more than 100 words the passage on the link Elizabethan England.
3.Take a look at the timeline of Shakespeare. Identify three dates that you consider 'interesting' followed by a short justification for your selection.
4.Answer the following:
• Is it possible for teenagers to fall in love passionately? How do you think adults might view this?
• Do you think hate is a stronger emotion than love? Explain.
• If you knew, without any doubt, that your parents would be against your relationship with someone whom you love deeply, would you continue to see him/her?
• If yes, what risks would you be taking? And, what precautions would you need to take? Who would you confide in? Why choose this person(s) to confide in?
• How might you try to 'win' your parents' approval?

Prologue questions
Write out the Prologue in modern English. Pretend you are telling a friend in an email or a text message what has happened to these families.

Act 1 questions
Scene 1
1. Why do Tybalt and Benvolio fight?
2. Prince Escalus foreshadows what will happen if the street brawls between the Montagues and the Capulets occur again. Quote and explain his statement.
3. Why is Romeo unhappy? Quote a line to support your answer.
4. What solution does Benvolio suggest to Romeo?
Scene 2
1. Capulet, Juliet's father, gives her age and a plan for Paris. Report these two pieces of information.
2. Romeo also reads aloud the invitation. What does Benvolio suggest to Romeo? Why?
3. What event in this scene could possibly be described as Fate at work?
Scene 3
1. How does Juliet react to her mother's idea of marriage? What does Juliet agree to do about Paris's wooing her? What does this suggest about her nature?
Scene 4
1 One piece of information about the setting — the time of day — is given by Romeo. Quote that clue, and give the time of day.
2. Why is Romeo reluctant to go to the feast?
3. Romeo's uneasiness is very different from what Mercutio talks about. What is Mercutio describing, and what does this comment show about him?
Scene 5
1. Since the guests are masked, how does Tybalt recognise Romeo?
2. How does Tybalt react to Romeo's presence? Also, tell what Tybalt's uncle decides and what Tybalt does as a result.
3. How do Romeo and Juliet feel about each other? How do they feel after they learn that each is from an enemy family?


1. Read ACT 2, Scene 1. How does Mercutio’s view of love differ from Romeo’s?

2. Consider the character of Friar Lawrence. If you were a casting director looking for someone to play the Friar, how would you describe the person you are looking for? Consider more than just his physical characteristics.

3. Act 2, Scene 5... The Nurse reluctantly tells Juliet the news that Romeo is keen on her and wants to marry her. Is the Nurse playfully cruel or genuinely tired? Write a short paragraph expressing your thoughts on the Nurse in this situation and how it epitomises the Nurse generally.

Scene 1
1. How does this scene mark the turning point of the play?
Scene 2
2. When the nurse approaches Juliet in the orchard to speak with her, what does Juliet think at first?
Scene 4
3. What does this scene tell us about Lord Capulet?
Scene 5
4. Why is Juliet going to see the Friar? What else may she be planning?

Scene 1
1. If the Friar cannot help her, what has Juliet decided to do?
2. Briefly state the Friar's solution and plan.
Scene 3
3. Quote a line from Juliet's soliloquy which foreshadows her death.

Scene 1
1. Give Romeo's reason for going to an apothecary, and tell what he buys.
Scene 2
2. How do these two incidents - Balthasar's information and John's quarantine - affect Romeo?
Scene 3
3. Who is hidden in the graveyard when Romeo arrives? Why?
4. How does Balthasar disobey Romeo?
5. Why does Romeo kill Paris?
6. After Juliet discovers Romeo, she refuses the Friar’s plan. What is it? What does she do instead?
7. What other death is reported by Montague?
8. Quote a statement that shows the feud is over.