Task 1

Pick a landscape with which you are very familiar. Write a brief description of the landscape, detailing its features but also your relationship to it. Do you feel a sense of community or belonging to this landscape? Does this landscape express something in particular about the way of life and what you think it means to be Australian?

Length: At least 1 page Due: Tuesday, June 1 Submit: in class, to my pigeon hole, or email in body or as attachment to crossley.lee.l@edumail.vic.gov.au Task 2 Choose on of the below tasks and complete a folio piece that is at least a page in length. Refer to the context (Imaginative Landscapes), the prompt (experiences and events influence the way we connect to a place) and the text (Paul Kelly lyrics and One Night the Moon).
Option 1: Put yourself in the shoes of an immigrant and write about what it would be like living in a foreign place from their perspective.

Option 2
Write about a familiar place that has changed over time. Include Paul Kelly lyrics

Option 3
Think of the differences between how the Indigenous Australians and white Australians experience of the Australian landscape.
Put yourself in the position of an indigenous Australian. How might they feel about modern life in a city like Melbourne?

Option 4
Think of a close knit community in a small town and how it may nurture its inhabitants.
What about living in a large, sprawling city is it likely that you will experience the same support?

Due: Tuesday June 8. Submit: in class, to my pigeon hole, or email in body or as attachment to **crossley.lee.l@edumail.vic.gov.au**